My Family History Blog

The branches of my family tree reach far and wide. This blog is for family. I am grateful to those who preserved letters, pictures, and documents that allow us a glimpse into the people we derived from.

Many years ago,  I found myself custodian of a few old family pictures and documents. I stowed them in a shoebox.

Then one day I was a grandmother and my shoebox was overflowing. As I read and reread letters, studied every picture, examined every document, I was overwhelmed by their value and realized, I was a benefactor of cherished and critical moments in my families lives. Bits and pieces of sad and happy occasions were carried through time in pictures and on paper, little portals in the lives of my people.

After years of scanning, researching, and writing, I finally finished my family history book, “Family Trees and Memories.” Over two hundred and fifty pages of pictures, letters, post cards, valentines, documents, and memories, encompassing eight family surnames, reaching back to the immigrant.

Now what to do? I want to share these mementos and memories of my Father’s people (Leatherwood/Stewart, Sullins/Snelson), and my Mother’s (Rector/Bynum and Rogers/Petree) families. Maybe by chance, you and I are related.

I have much to share but am new to blogging so please forgive my crusty blog site while I learn the ropes…


7 thoughts on “My Family History Blog

  1. Yes, my passion for preserving memories also began when I found myself as custodian of a few old photos. From there it grew, not only into my family story, but also into the one of so many others I met along the way. Lovely to ‘meet’ you 🙂 Andrea

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      1. Sharon Parsons

        Hi Nona. My name is Sharon. My mother is Alvalene Rogers Cardin. Her father is Enoch Rogers brother of your great grandfather Charles Rogers. I got chills when I read this and saw pics of pics that we have also. What an awesome site. We called Charles Uncle Charlie. I know Arlie Shawnee Jenny Dolly. They have all passed but Dolly I hear. Arlie’s daughter Shana sent me pic of Dolly….whom everyone says I look like her. lol. My goodness. My mom is alive 91 this year and doing well. We would love love to meet you. We live in Redding Ca. Not sure where you are. Uncle Charlies wife is my grandmothers Edith Petree’s sister. There are pics on here we have never seen and so excited to see them. I saved them to my computer. I am on facebook under Sharon cardin parsons. We have a group site for family. We have a family reunion of cardin and rogers everyyear. My cousin Karen her mom is also Enoch Rogers daughter and she is interested in ancestry. Please I hope to hear from you. Friend me on facebook if you have one or email me. Sincerely your cousin Sharon

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      2. Sharon, So good to hear from you. I love making family connections. I am not at home right now but live in Oklahoma. Aunt Dolly is having her 100 birthday this month. I am thrilled to hear your mother is my great Uncle Enoch’s daughter and to make a Petree connection. I would love to chat with you sometime. I will friend you on Facebook and send a private message to exchange phone numbers and email.


  2. Jane Wilson Bollinger

    Thornton Rector is my great grandfather. My grandfather was James Thornton Rector and my mother was Jessie Ellen Rector. I have the same photo of Thornton Rector and I have one that is Gillian Ann Browning. My grandfather told me stories of his father when I was a child. He said that a Mr. Overstreet was Thornton’s partner and that they had a bear that was chained to the boat, that guarded their goods. He also said that Thornton was good to the slaves and he would punish the children if they were in any way disrespectful to the slaves. I have visited the place they were buried with my cousin Andrew McLean Rector. At that time, it was overrun by pigs. They had knocked down the grave stones, but we were able to locate Gillian’s. I’m delighted to have stumbled upon your blog and hope to stay in touch. Do you have an address of the farm owner where they are buried? Thanks for sharing this information. Jane

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    1. To Jane Wilson Bollinger, I posted an old photo album that belonged to my great grandfather, Charles Isaac Rector, son of Thornton Rector. It has some pictures that don’t have names listed. You might be interested in seeing it. Perhaps you can identify someone. Also, I do not know the farm owner’s name of their burial place but I think they are buried at Mount Pleasant Cemetery in Lewisburg, KY. Please keep in touch, I would love to exchange information.


  3. Glad to hear from you. Very happy to know that my blog is reaching family. I feel that the letter Thornton’s granddaughter wrote about his life is a treasure. I have not seen a picture of Gillian Ann and would love to add it to my blog and picture file. I am still a novice at blogging so please bare with me, I have a little more information about Thornton to share and will add to the blog soon. I have enjoyed learning about the Rectors and traced them back to the first Rector immigrants who settled the first German colony. I would love to share information and pictures with you. Are you familiar with the 1714 Germanna Colony? The Rectors were among the first settlers. Can’t wait to hear back from you and see a photo of Gillian. Thanks for checking out my blog.


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