Dollie Rogers Carr Turns 100 Yrs Old

Dollie Rogers, was born in Blair, Oklahoma, August 23, 1917 to Charles Azariah Rogers 1876/1966 and Nona Ella Petree Rogers 1886/1947. Dollie is my great aunt. I was thrilled to attend her 100th birthday along with her two daughters, Alberta Gray and Lorena Weaver, numerous grandchildren, great grandchildren, and family. Aunt Dollie is my grandmother, Jennie Manley Rogers Rector Baney’s 1907/1999, younger sister.

Dollie Rogers Car born 1917, daughters, Alberta Gray and Lorena Weaver


Secrets of Civil War Walking Cane

Great Grandpa Charles Azariah Rogers’ Walking Cane

His walking cane held secrets. When I was very young, I remember looking into a knot hole in his cane to see a Bible verse. I thought it was magic. As an adult with a disability, memories of his cane inspired me to make special canes for myself and others who needed one. The family story is that Gr Grandpa Rogers’ cane was used during the Civil War to carry secret messages.  One of my aunts currently has the cane. I recently asked her to look into the knot hole. She said it had a picture of Lookout Mountain and there was a plug in the cane but she thought it best not to disturb it. I wonder if that was one of the messages since the Battle of Lookout Mountain campaign resulted in opening the deep south for the Union in 1863.

Charles Azariah Rogers 1876-1966 & Nona Ella Petree 1886-1947

My maternal great grandparents.

Charles Azariah Rogers 1876-1966

Born 20 September, 1876 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY to Felix Irving Rogers (1843 -1931) and Lucinda Baker of Rockcastle Co., KY. I know very little about Lucinda at this time. Felix and Lucinda had two children, Charles Azariah and Enoch Jasper. Charles died 1966 in Elk City, Oklahoma.

Nona Ella Petree 1886-1947

Nona Ella was born 11 May, 1886 in Waco, Texas to Cicero Petree (1837-1914) and Nancy (Nannie) Caroline Ellis (1851-1928). Nona Ella died 1947 in Hammon, Oklahoma at the age of 61 years from throat cancer.

Ten children were born to this marriage: Greer B:1905, Jennie Manley B: 1907 (my maternal grandmother), Charles A (CA) B: 1909, Josie B: 1911, David O (DO) B: 1913, Dolly B: 1918, Felix C (FC) B: 1921, Opal B: 1926, Arlie Ray B: 1928, and Shawnee B: 1931.