Thornton Rector 1815/1900 and Gillian Ann Browning 1834/1886

My great great grandparents, Thornton Rector and Gillian Ann Browning. I know very little about Gillian Ann Browning. Does anyone have a picture or information on her?

The following is taken from my book, Family Trees and Memories.




Thornton Rector 1815-1900


My great great grandfather, Thornton Rector, was born 1815 to John Alexander Rector and Elizabeth Ash near Rectortown, Fauquier Co., VA. Thornton died 1900/05 in Lewisburg, KY and is buried in Mt. Pleasant Cemetery. He first married Sarah Brown. One child was born to this union in 1850. Sarah died and Thornton married second wife, Gillian Ann Browning. Ten children were born to this marriage: Francis, Robert Henry, William Quinton, Sally Jane, Charles Isaac (my great grandfather), Mary Celia, Cynthia Ann, James Thornton, Dallas, and Samuel.

Thornton’s granddaughter, Bernice Lorene Rector Heinenon, sent me a letter she had written about the life of her grandfather. I owe her a great debt of gratitude for this personal account in the life of Thornton Rector. It is a wonderful read. Click to enlarge.