Elsa Rae Rector Leatherwood 1931-2015

My mother, Elsa Rae Rector Leatherwood

The following pages are taken from my book, Family Trees and Memories.



Jimmie Dee Leatherwood and Elsa Rae Rector Married 24 July, 1948


In a little café in Elk City, Oklahoma, Mom worked as a waitress.  A tall handsome young cowboy sat down at one of her tables. He  tried to impress the little redhead waitress with humor and ordered, “a cup of mud.”  She was tired and had no time for his nonsense. She walked away telling him, “When you are ready to order, let me know.”  They married a few months later. Two sons and two daughters were born to Jimmie Dee and Elsa Rae. They celebrated 54 Years of marriage before Dad died in 2002 from cancer. Mother died 18 September 2015.