DSCN0373 (4)Nona Leatherwood is a wife, mother, and grandmother. She is an Oklahoman by roots and Coloradan by wings.  Nona is a published writer, family historian, amateur photographer, avocational archaeologist, woodworker, and serious rock hound.

Her accomplishments include: awards in writing and art, and she holds an inventor’s patent.

She is currently working on her Rabbit River series of children’s books and is happy to find a venue to share her collection of family memorabilia with family and family history enthusiasts.


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  1. Michael Adams

    Hi Nona, you have the most wonderful genealogy web page I’ve ever seen. I google searched for Per and Gov Rogers and found myself here. The Brothers in Arms is so informative and complete. They were my grandfather Loyal Harrison Adams’ first cousins. Loyal’s father (my great grandfather) Joe Fry was your Mattie (Adams) Rogers’ brother. So I suppose we are kin. I would like to ask your permission to share a couple of your photo’s and the highlights of your story on a closed FB group we call “ADAMS – Descendants / Families of Joe Fry & Carrie Jane”? I had searched for the bodies of Per and Gov until I finally found your web page and read your story. Thank you so much for making it so clear.

    Mike Adams

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    1. Hello Mike, Glad to hear from you. I am currently away from my computer (thank goodness for iPhone ) for a couple of weeks. When I return, I have other information I would like to share. If you would like, follow my blog for more information. Thank you for your kind comment. So happy to share Gov and Per story.


    2. Mike, Please feel free to share my family history site with others and you are welcome to share and copy my pictures and information. It would help me reach others if you would site my blog when doing so. I am still catching up from being away this summer. I am very happy to know that the Rogers brothers’ story is reaching family. It is quite an emotional story. Please keep in touch and keep sharing family history. I would appreciate it if you would confirm that you received my message. I am also still trying to figure our how blogging works. Best wishes, Nona


  2. Sharon Parsons

    Hi Nona I would love to read that story. My mother is the daughter of Enoch my grandfather. We have pics of moms grandpap on the porch with Govenor and Pers caskets. Where would I read that story. Thank you.

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    1. Sharon, The story I have of Govenor and Per was given to me by our cousin Melbie Smith. Under Rogers info, you can see the summary by scrolling down their page. Let me know if you have trouble finding it.


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