Charles Azariah Rogers 1876-1966 & Nona Ella Petree 1886-1947

My maternal great grandparents.

Charles Azariah Rogers 1876-1966

Born 20 September, 1876 in Louisville, Jefferson, KY to Felix Irving Rogers (1843 -1931) and Lucinda Baker of Rockcastle Co., KY. I know very little about Lucinda at this time. Felix and Lucinda had two children, Charles Azariah and Enoch Jasper. Charles died 1966 in Elk City, Oklahoma.

Nona Ella Petree 1886-1947

Nona Ella was born 11 May, 1886 in Waco, Texas to Cicero Petree (1837-1914) and Nancy (Nannie) Caroline Ellis (1851-1928). Nona Ella died 1947 in Hammon, Oklahoma at the age of 61 years from throat cancer.

Ten children were born to this marriage: Greer B:1905, Jennie Manley B: 1907 (my maternal grandmother), Charles A (CA) B: 1909, Josie B: 1911, David O (DO) B: 1913, Dolly B: 1918, Felix C (FC) B: 1921, Opal B: 1926, Arlie Ray B: 1928, and Shawnee B: 1931.



2 thoughts on “Charles Azariah Rogers 1876-1966 & Nona Ella Petree 1886-1947

  1. Ariel Green

    My name is Ariel Green. My grandfather was Arlie Ray Rogers! My cousin, Kiara whom is Arlie’s grandchild(of his youngest daughter Shana Rogers) sent the link of this web page to me! This is so neat to read! I am the third of his five grandchildren. He is loved dearly! Thanks so much for creating this page!


  2. So happy you enjoyed the article. I love learning about our family and sharing. Thank you for your comment. I wish I knew more about the Petree family. I remember Uncle Arlie. He was my mother’s uncle. His sister, Jennie, is my grandmother. She was a treasure.


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