WWI, Brothers by Birth and Brothers in Arms, Story of Love and Sacrifice

Nona's Family Trees and Memories

Brothers, Governor & Perander Rogers WWI Brothers, Govenor & Perander Rogers WWI

A heartbreaking story of love and sacrifice. WWI, two of Grandpap’s (Felix Irving Rogers) sons die in France in the Battle of Chateau-Thierry 18 July, 1918. Thanks to cousin Melbie Smith for the following story of Grandpap’s struggle to bring his sons home.

Governor and his brother Per (Perander B.) were in Co. D, 111th Infantry, American Expeditionary Forces, during World War I. They were both killed in the war and the record of the return of their bodies contains 76 pages in the National Archives in Washington D.C.. In July 1917 the young men registered and were given a serial number. Their numbers were submitted to a drawing to see who would go to war.  Governor’s number was 638, Per’s was 642 and their brother Dan’s was 640.  When the drawing was made Per’s number was in the first draft, and afterward, Governor…

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