Mother’s Day without Mother

I have heard the saying, “you have been without me but I have never been without you.”   For my entire 61 years, I have celebrated every Mother’s Day with my Mother. She died peacefully last fall and I am preparing for this day that will be my very first without her.  With love and gratitude.

DSCN2597 (4)

A memory.

I was about 6 years old, standing on the back of my horse, picking china berries from the tree.  I released the limb; it swished and scared my horse. He jumped right out from under me.  I got up from the ground and saw the bone was sticking out of my arm. I started toward the house sobbing; it was over a quarter mile away. I don’t know how mother knew something was wrong but I could see her running toward me. She rolled under the fence and scooped me up with one arm and with the other she unwired and dropped the gate to the lot to carry me through, (a gate that normally she could not open).  How did she know? Where did her strength come from? I love you momma.


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