Charles Azariah Rogers (1876-1966) and Nona Ella Petree (1886-1947)

framed charles nona2

My Great Grandparents

Charles and Nona Ella married 27 June, 1904 in Willow, Greer Co., OK. Ten children were born to this marriage: Greer (1905), Jennie Manley – my grandmother (1907), Charles A (1909), Josie (1911), David O (1913), Dolly (1918), Felix C (1921), Opal (1926), Arlie Ray (1928), and Shawnee  (1931).


Granddaughter’s, Wynona Rector Davis, memory. ” I remember Grandma and Grandpa Rogers lived on a hill northwest of Hammon, OK. We lived nearby. Grandmother had guineas. We would go down to the nearby creek to look for their spotted eggs. I loved watching Grandma bake. Then one day, she gave me my own dough board and rolling pin. When she baked, she would give me bits of dough and taught me to bake. I also remember riding a wagon to town on Saturdays”.

 Grandson, Robert Elton Rector remembers, “Grandpa and Grandma Rector lived near the Washita River near Hammon, OK. They had a big hog farm. Later, they moved closer to Hammon and we lived nearby”.

Collecting memories from my elders has given me a better sense of the people I descended from. My curiosity began when I was young. For some reason, I was compelled to write them down. I have many to share.

Love sharing old memories.


2 thoughts on “Charles Azariah Rogers (1876-1966) and Nona Ella Petree (1886-1947)

    1. Thanks Melbie. I will note the birth dates in my records. Good to hear from you. Let me know if you have other suggestions or information on this family history blog. I still have much to put up. Love you Cuz.


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