James F. Leatherwood 1838-1915

Following the Civil War in 1865 until 1892, there is little information about the life of James Franklin Leatherwood. He had married Mary C Milford in Georgia. They had about three children. Mary’s father was James Milford and mother, Elizabeth Hinton. He filed a homestead claim in 1892 and married Mattie America Stewart about 1900.

The Homestead

On 19 April, 1892, Cheyenne and Arapahoe land opened to homestead settlement by the government.  At the age of about 52, James Franklin Leatherwood was in the land run. He laid claim to 160 acres in Washita County, OK.

Interesting Bit of Info

The following information was received by Terry Leatherwood from an ancestor of fellow homestead neighbor, Walter Coleman.

“I thought replying to this address might be the best way to pass on this info and possibly find info I am looking for. My grandfather Walter S. Coleman was in the 1892 Cheyene-Arapaho run in OK. He was accompanyed by a man by the name of Jas.F. Leatherwood. They claimed property adjoining each other in Washita Co, T22GN20 W Section 23. This is West of Cordell, OK about 10 miles. We have been told that Leatherwood loaned my grandfather a horse for the run and staked out adjoining parcels of 180 acres. 3 men came and ran my grandfather off the property he had staked. Leatherwood came and killed all 3. It was reported sometime later and nothing was done because of grpa’s legetimate claim. We didn’t know of any connection between Coleman & Leatherwood although you might suspect that they knew each other more than casually. I was recently in Iuka, MS where my grandfather was born we are told and found that there was a Leatherwood Hotel prior to the Civil War as well as Coleman Bros. Mercantile. Now you know about all I know. I hope this info may be helpful and may shed some light on this relationship. I don’t know of any marriages at this time between the 2 families. Walter’s birth date was May 4, 1862 and he would have been 30 yrs old at the Land Run.”

NOTE: Walter Coleman is a WITNESS on James F. Leatherwood’s homestead proof papers.

Fun on the Farm (Memory)

Growing up, we loved going to the old farm. The boys hunted and I enjoyed scouting the area known as “Peach Tree Hill”. This is the location where the original home was built near the dugout on the north east side of Little Elk Creek. Also the area where James had planted his orchard.


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