Memorial Run – Flowers for the Graves

Elsa, Eva, and Wynona at the grave of their parents.
Elsa, Eva, and Wynona at the grave of their parents.
Silly sisters.
Silly sisters.

For as long as I remember, just before Memorial Day, Mother and her twin, Eva, would load the car with flowers and drive a three hundred mile loop around central and western Oklahoma to lay flowers upon the graves of many of our relatives. This was their special day of the year to go off by themselves For years, no one was allowed to go with them. Then their younger sister, Wynona, joined in and as years passed, different family members would go along to drive them. I will never forget the years I joined them on the “Memorial Run”. From the moment we hit the road, it was as though they turned into little girls again, being silly, giggling, playful, and singing all their old favorite songs as we drove. But their love for family resonated as they lovingly groomed the graves and placed bouquets of flowers on each one.

Now, Aunt Eva receives her flowers at her grave. At 84 years old, Mother can no longer make the Memorial Run. This year, my daughter and I will go alone. It may be raining but we will go anyway, just as Mother and her sisters did, rain or shine. We will make it a day of celebration. I am excited to take my family history book along to show my daughter pictures of each ancestor and tell her a little about their lives. I am grateful!


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