The Homestead – James Franklin Leatherwood (1838-1915) Mattie America Stewart (1865-1939)

1908 – James, Mattie, Jessie Burrell (grandpa), and Willie Francis.
My Great Grandparents
My Great Grandparents

James Franklin Leatherwood married Mattie America Stewart 1900

Two children were born to this marriage: daughter, Willie Francis (1901) and son, Jessie Burrell, my grandpa, (1902). On 19 April, 1892, Cheyenne and Arapahoe land opened to homestead settlement by the government. At the age of 52 years, James Franklin Leatherwood claimed 160 acres in Washita, County, Oklahoma. For about 106 years, the Leatherwoods were caretakers and farmers of the land that my Great Grandpa James F. Leatherwood homesteaded in 1892. From 1892 to 1998, many Leatherwoods were born there and worked the land. James, Jessie Burrell (his son), JB, Jimmie Dee, Nina Vee, Butch, and Ronnie (his grandchildren), Jimmie Dee Jr. (his great grandson), and others, worked this farm, breaking sod, planting crops, and harvesting. When the farm was sold in 1989, the heavy impact was only softened a little by the fact that the buyer of the home place was Russell Trissel, a longtime close friend and neighbor. Russell made it clear that our family would always be welcome to visit the farm. The last Leatherwood born on the Leatherwood farm was Jeremy Dee Leatherwood. Jeremy was born in 1975 and is the great great grandson of James F. and Mattie. I will be posting Great Grandpa James’ homestead documents in the near future. I acquired them during the mid 1990s. I imagine it is much easier now to get homestead documents. Any advice?


11 thoughts on “The Homestead – James Franklin Leatherwood (1838-1915) Mattie America Stewart (1865-1939)

      1. I know James Franklin Leatherwood was Jackson Lafayette Leatherwoods dad and his mom was Mary C Milford. I couldn’t find if James Franklin Leatherwood was married to mary first and then married Mattie.


      2. Jennifer, We are related. The information I have is that James F. Leatherwood married Mary C. Milford sometimes around the Civil War. He and brothers were in the war and I lost track of him after the war until 1892 when he homestead here in Oklahoma. I would love to know more about these missing years and of his other children. He married Mattie America Stewart in 1900. She was from Missouri so I am not sure how they met. I had heard he had other children but wasn’t sure who or how many. I have James F. Leatherwood family history back to the Leatherwood immigrants, John and Martha in about 1680. I hoped to have more Leatherwood history up on the blog but my mother was ill all summer and pasted away in September, so I haven’t had a chance to work on the blog. You are inspiring me to get back to it.


  1. Jayne Leatherwood

    Hi. I’m Jayne Leatherwood and am working on Leatherwood family history. Others have traced our line back to Edward (Ned) who was in NC in 1780 but ties backward are nebulous at best. Those who have come before me have the NC branch decended from good old John and Martha in MD in 1680-1710 or so. We’ve tried hard to link Ned backward but his birth year, place, father/mother etc. have not been documented. Any help you can give? Any help I can give you?

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    1. Hello Jayne,
      Good to hear from you. I hope I can be of some help with your family history. I will upload a copy of my family line back to John and Martha. I have more information in my files but am not where I can access them. If you want, you can follow my blog and be notified as i am able to post. I love learning about our family and making connections. I would enjoy comparing notes.


      1. Jayne Leatherwood, I just found that I had already uploaded my family tree back to John and Martha. You may already have seen it but if not, just scroll down the Leatherwood name and it will come up.



      2. Jayne Leatherwood

        Hi. Perhaps I don’t know what I’m looking at. Ias Franklin b 1838, John Baswell b. 1762 and Zachariah b. 1742 but nothing linking backward to John in 1680. Am I looking in the wrong place? Tks. Jayne

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      3. Jayne Leatherwood

        Hi. Didn’t do it right the first time. Found your info. Do you have source material for Zacharia b. 1735 and/or birth/marriage of John b. 1714? Some think our Ned came through Edward b. 1685 and some think through John b.1714 from Samuel b 1681. Edward b. 1685 sort of fell off the map after birth but repeating names of Edw-John-Edw-John in our line make it feasible. Thanks. Jayne

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      4. I will look at my record to see what info I have. Some of my files are not electronically stored but in hard copy. I’ll be happy to see what I have stored on my computer. I am currently in Colorado and my files are in Oklahoma.


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