Elsa Rae & Eva Mae Rector Leatherwood Born 6-13-1931 “Happy Mother’s Day”.


My mother, Elsa Rae, and twin, Eva Mae, were born 13 June, 1931 to Robert Earl and Jennie Rogers Rector. The red headed, petite girls, lightly peppered in freckles, were identical by sight. No one excluding their mother could tell them apart, even though, their personalities and expressions were as different as night and day.

However, their parallel lives were a clear example of twin connections. In 1948, they married Leatherwood brothers. In 1949, they had their first children. Many times, at family gatherings, they would show up separately, wearing matching clothes.  One year, without prior discussion, mother came home from vacationing in south Texas with her ears pierced. Her twin also had pierced her ears at the same time. They had never discussed ear piercing.

During difficult times and good times, they were never far apart, supporting one another with love and compassion.

Aunt Eva “went home” in August, 2001 to be with the Lord and the love of her life, Uncle JB Leatherwood. Mother misses her very much – as well all do. My mother will soon be 84 years old. Thankfully, she is still spunky and spicy.

I love this picture.


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