Grandma’s Treasures

Gr Katie2

My Dad’s Mother

Katie Carrie Sullins Leatherwood, Booe (Grandma Katie)

Born 3 July, 1904 Gotebo, Kiowa Co., OK  to  John Byrd Sullins and Ada Edna Snelson.  She died 10 October, 1967 and is buried in Canute, OK

1st Marriage, Jessie Burrell Leatherwood 15 April, 1922, Cordell, OK  Divorced about 1932. Three children were born to this marriage: Nina Vee, J B, and my dad, Jimmie Dee Leatherwood.

2nd Marriage, 28 November, 1934 to John Steverson of Anadarko, OK.                     3rd Marriage, Louis Dell Booe, 28 August, 1948, Los Angeles, CA Divorced 1953

Grandmother Katie Carrie Sullins’ funeral in 1967 was the first time I had seen tears in my daddy’s eyes. It was also the beginning of my collection of family obituaries and memory cards.

Katie Carrie Sullins B: 3 July, 1904 D: 10 Oct., 1967

G Katie & kids - Copy

Grandma’s Treasures

 I don’t remember a lot about Grandma Katie but I learned a little about her through precious memorabilia she kept throughout her life. Her keepsakes mapped a sweet and loving trail of her life and bits of her struggles. Many years ago, Dad gave me her scrapbook, documents, and later, we found a suitcase containing cards and letters she had kept since childhood. It was clear that she loved and prized family and friends. She saved childhood valentine cards, graduation cards from nieces and nephews, thank- you notes, post cards, letters, and photographs. As I learn more about blogging, I want to share her letters and cards so we can all appreciate her sentimental heart and know the sweetness of Grandma Katie Carrie Sullins.

Since I am a real greenhorn at blogging, I welcome helpful suggestions as how to proceed in sharing the wealth of family history documents, pictures, and letters that are in my care.


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