This blog is for the keepers of keepsakes, collectors of memories, history buffs, family tree enthusiasts, writers, and those who like to research, and share.

Many years ago,  I found myself custodian of a few old family pictures and documents. I stowed them in a shoebox.

Then one day, I was a grandmother and my shoebox was overflowing. As I read and reread letters, studied every picture, examined every document, I was overwhelmed by their value and realized, I was a benefactor of cherished and critical moments in my families lives. Bits and pieces of sad and happy occasions were carried through time in pictures and on paper, little portals in the lives of my people.

After years of scanning, researching, and writing, I finally finished my family history book, “Family Trees and Memories.” Over two hundred and fifty pages of pictures, letters, post cards, valentines, documents, and memories, encompassing eight family surnames, reaching back to the immigrant.

Now what to do? I want to share these mementos and memories of my Father’s people (Leatherwood/Stewart, Sullins/Snelson), and my Mother’s (Rector/Bynum and Rogers/Petree) families. Maybe by chance, you and I are related.

I have much to share but am new to blogging so please forgive my crusty blog site while I learn the ropes…

I can do this blog: I watched Julie and Julia.


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